1. Consistency is key. The foundation of trust requires consistency
  2. Enthusiasm is contagious. It’s the secret to never grow old and boring
  3. Exercise and daily movement is a necessity to enjoy life fully. It’s the other secret
  4. Everyone is a potential friend, unless they try to hurt you. Then give them sufficient warning before you attack
  5. Wag your tail often. Smile at everyone you meet. They will usually smile back. Assume the best
  6. Look at people’s actions and read their body language. Not their words. Words can trick you up.
  7. Pay close attention to the world around you. Smell and taste everything. You don’t know when you’ll get the chance again
  8. Reward yourself. Often, Even for small accomplishments.  They are a valuable incentive.
  9. You can teach an old dog new tricks. but it must have a reason. Find your reason.
  10. You can’t make a pit bull a poodle, and a poodle a lab. Embrace and accept our basic natures. We’re all workable.
  11. We are not naturally ‘bad’. We’re all a product of the people in our lives, the environment we live, and the nature we’re born with
  12. Play Play Play! It’s not a luxury. That’s how we experience our world, and learn valuable limits. Make it a priority.